On This Day

In 1512, Luther is awarded a Doctorate of Theology from the University of Wittenberg.

Augsburg Confession

[Our Churches] teach that since the fall of Adam all men begotten in the natural way are born with sin, that is, without the fear of God, [and] without trust in God. (Art. 2: Of Original Sin)


Ministry of the Keys - Christ gives his church the power to forgive the sins of penitent sinners but refuse forgiveness to the impenitent

Luther's Rose

The black cross in a red heart reminds us that faith in the Crucifed saves us

Luther's Life

Martin Luther wrote 36 hymns. Among them are "A Mighty Fortress," "Christ Jesus lay in death's strong bands," and "From heaven above to Earth I come."


The 4th petition to the Lord's Prayer - Daily bread includes everything we need for our bodily welfare

People of the Reformation

Luther's last written words, "We are all beggars," were a reference to the fact that sinners can do nothing to earn the gift of salvation

Luther's Life

At Marburg Luther wrote "This is my body" on the table with chalk, knowing the Lord's Supper was the place where he and Ulrich Zwingli would disagree.

Reformation Glossary

Justification is God's act of declaring sinners forgiven because of Jesus' payment for all sins

Augsburg Confession

The power of the Keys . . . is a power or commandment of God, to preach the Gospel, to remit and retain sins, and to administer Sacraments. (Art. 28: Of Ecclesiastical Power)