Augsburg Confession

Through Baptism is offered the grace of God, and children are to be baptized who, being offered to God through Baptism are received into God's grace. (Art. 9: Of Baptism)

Did You Know

Luther encouraged people to provide and support Christian schools for their children

Luther's Life

Before the Reformation the Roman Catholic Church was the only church in most of Europe. It was thought that you couldn't be Christian without the Catholic Church.

Luther's Rose

The white rose shows that faith gives joy, comfort and peace


The 1st petition of the Lord's Prayer - god's name is kept holy when his Word is taught in its truth and purity and we as children of God lead holy lives according to it

Luther's Life

While in high school in Eisenach, Martin tutored a young boy in exchange for lodging.

People of the Reformation

Frederick the Wise, who protected Luther following the Diet of Worms, had over 19,000 relics which he had been taught would assist with his entrance to heaven

Luther's Life

Martin was not at Augsburg while the leaders met with the Emperor. Instead Luther was told to stay in Coburg because the Elector was afraid for his life.


The 5th petition to the Lord's Prayer - We pray that God would not look upon our sins and because of them deny our prayers

Reformation Glossary

Grace is the undeserved love of God freely given to sinners